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A Natural Extension of Your Boat Design

SureShade’s flexible design philosophy and controlled manufacturing approach gives clients the ultimate choice when integrating the SureShade system with any new or existing boat design. 

We work closely with the new product development and engineering teams of boat builders on placement designs that best harmonize with the boat’s overall appeal. All SureShade products are designed to serve as a natural extension of the boat and ensure that installation at the factory or dealer level is relatively easy.

With such distinctive features as self-supported framework, push-button or hand-operated extension and retraction, and versatile mounting options for virtually any boat, SureShade products enhance the boating experience and give boat builders and dealers a value-added option for their clients.

factory install design

Design Advantages

SureShade is unmatched in design, functionality and value.

SureShade Design Advantages

Cambered cross components requires no support poles – even at 10 ft. (3 m) widths and 10 ft. (3 m) extensions

SureShade Design Advantages

Framework enables weight to be more evenly distributed throughout the hardtop and not concentrated in just aft end of the hardtop

SureShade Design Advantages

Framework weight distributed across more longitudinal area (forward/aft) enabling mounting locations that provide more stability

SureShade Design Advantages

Ability to conform to boat curvature allows for more flexibility in boat design as well as enhancing aesthetics

SureShade Design Advantages

Cambered cross members, including roller, can be integrated in lower cavity space for better integration

SureShade Design Advantages

Price & Quality – SureShade is a proven lower cost, higher quality product that sells

How to Get Started

Boat Builders / Dealers

Builders: Add a factory-installed shade option or feature to your boat line as part of a new boat design or retrofit.

Dealers:  Offer our shade to clients as an aftermarket installation or new boat purchases with custom options. We can help you coordinate directly with the factory to deliver a new boat equipped with our shade.


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OEM Projects Underway for Factory Installs of RTX Shade System on Select Boat Models; RTX Shade Patent Makes 6th Patent Secured by SureShade PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – September 14, 2015 - SureShade, the U.S. designer and manufacturer

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New U.S. Patent Approval Adds to Already Secured U.S. Technology Patents and International Patent Approvals for Boat Shade Systems PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – September 25, 2014 - SureShade, the U.S. designer and manufacturer of retractable sunshade systems

SureShade Receives Patent Approval in Canada for Marine Shade System

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Canadian Notice of Approval for Automated Sunshade System Technology Patent Expands Growth Opportunities; New Patent adds to Technology Patents Already Secured in U.S. and International Patent Approvals PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – March 30, 2014 - SureShade,

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