intrepid 400 canvas

It is time to rethink canvas needs with a custom boat canvas system for more shade that offers both convenience and choice

As spring approaches, many boaters are beginning to gear up for another season on the water… and another season under the hot sun (which, after the winter many of us have had will be most welcome!). 

Now is the perfect time to plan ahead with a custom boat canvas solution that offers more coverage, more choice and more convenience.

A spring canvas upgrade project can be a valuable investment in your boat, your comfort and your overall boating experience. With new custom boat canvas options like SureShade, boat shade can become a convenience that adds value to a boat’s design and lets boater’s choose whether or not they want full shade coverage.

Boat Canvas Customized for Your Needs

A custom boat canvas system from SureShade eliminates the need for support poles
or angled back canvas curtains on boats.

Many boat designs limit the ability to provide adequate shade coverage on a boat deck without adding restrictive support poles. Typical boat canvas design is a trade-off between comfort and aesthetics.

In some designs the boat canvas has no extra support poles (such as an angled back canvas curtain from a radar arch) making it useless for shade coverage while boating. Other designs have fixed add-on support poles that inhibit boarding, fishing or other boating activities.

Unfortunately, when it is time to upgrade boat canvas many boaters do not realize that there are more custom boat canvas options that can better meet their boating needs. Rather than making an investment in a new and better boat canvas technology, their boat canvas upgrade project is limited to outdated canvas designs.

Boat Canvas with Choice and Convenience

Boat canvas is a necessity, but often not very convenient. Old canvas designs make it difficult for boaters to have a choice about shade. They either don’t have enough or they have too much – there is no choice with old boat canvas designs.

With SureShade retractable shade tops, choice is one of the biggest advantages. Unlike other boat shade products on the market, boaters can easily choose when they want full shade coverage and when they want to bask in the sun… or stargaze on the water at night.

Shades can be installed forward for the bow or aft for the cockpit. Or you can even install both.

Dual shades

At the touch of a button with the automated sunshade system, boat canvas can be extended for full deck shade coverage or retracted for catching a few rays. The lightweight manual sunshade system offers smaller boats a lower-cost option for custom boat shade that easily extends and retracts with a simple hand lever.

Smaller boats under 27 feet can a pull-out boat shade system that extends or retracts in seconds. Boats over 60 feet (or larger areas of a boat) can utilize SureShade’s M3 mega automated shade.

The time-saving convenience of retractable boat shade eliminates the hassle of handling boat canvas – like struggling to squeeze rolled-up canvas into a tight bimini boot.

Investing in Custom Boat Canvas

An upgrade to a canvas structure along with an upgrade to boat canvas can be a very good investment. A custom boat shade system like SureShade can add to a boat’s resale value, while providing a better boating experience. SureShade works directly with boat manufacturers and dealers to ensure the best design and placement of sunshade systems on boat brands and models. Investment in a custom boat shade project this spring can produce years of return in boating convenience and comfort.

Now is the perfect time to inquire about a custom boat shade system from SureShade.