Cruisers 338 OB

Cruisers 338 with Outboards debuts at the 2019 Model Year Dealer Meeting featuring SureShade’s ATF automated shade with silent glide technology

Boat dealers and industry partners got their first look at an exciting new boat model with the Cruisers 338 OB debuted at the annual Cruisers Yachts Dealer Meeting, held at Cruisers headquarters in Sturgeon Bay, WI July 31-August 2, 2018.

The annual event gave dealers a chance to check out the 2019 Model Year Boats, and it was the perfect opportunity for them to see first-hand SureShade’s new ATF-SG Silent Glide Shade on the new Cruisers 338 OB.

Cruisers 338 OB

A long-time OEM client, SureShade made sure that the 338 OB was equipped with the new ATF-SG “Silent Glide” shade in time for the event.

Cruisers 338 OBATF-SG Silent Glide shade is SureShade’s next-generation automated retractable sunshade system with “silent glide” technology producing 85% less noise than the current SureShade ATF electric shade. Silent Glide is being rolled out to boat builders throughout the second half of 2018 for new boat model production and is available as an upgrade on previously equipped models.

The Cruisers 338 with Outboards features ample lounging space in the cockpit that is generously shaded by SureShade’s ATF-SG automated shade system. The SureShade can be extended or retracted with silent shade operation that is virtually unnoticeable to the human ear. In addition to producing 85% less noise, the shade also features 80% power requirement reduction for operation.

The new 338 OB is the first of 6 previous Cruisers Yachts models equipped with SureShade to transition to SureShade’s new silent glide technology. 

We can expect to see more (including video demos!) of the exciting new SureShade-equipped Cruisers 338 OB when it makes it official debut at the Fort Lauderdale Boat International Boat Show and throughout the 2018 fall boat show season.

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