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From automated to manual, there is a retractable shade top option for every boat design and every boater’s budget

SureShade offers shade with
convenience… and options!

The original concept and design of SureShade sunshade systems was created to improve the boating experience. With 20 years of first-hand boating experience ourselves, the product was created based on a need we identified in the market – shade with convenience. We also saw a need for choice – the choice to have shade when you want it or when you don’t.

So we introduced our Automated Tel-frame system – at the touch of a button, boaters can experience the ultimate in retractable sunshade. But we realized that we needed a second option to satisfy the need for a lighter weight and lower-cost version of the shade system for smaller boats (under 35’ or 10.6 m) – without compromising the unique self-supported features of the automated system.

That’s why we decided to offer two main options for our retractable shade system – the Automated Tele-frame and the Manual Tele-frame system.

With automated and manual sunshade options, we now have a sunshade system for every boat style and every boater’s budget. Because shade should be a right, not a privilege!

Difference between Automated and Manual Shade Tops

Both the automated and manual retractable shade tops are constructed with a self-supported framework with a patented telescoping framework technology that allows the canvas to easily extend or retract on a boat. Both systems can be mounted as a natural extension of any boat style or design.

The main difference between the automated tele-frame system and the manual tele-frame system is the method used to retract and extend the canvas shade. One is electrically powered and the other is manually operated.

The automated system operates with a small motor housed inside the framework and wired to a boat’s electrical system. A control is utilized (typically located at the helm on the dash) to operate the shade at the touch of a button.

The manual system operates with a small hand lever to extend or retract the shade. The manual hand lever does not require a motor or access to electrical, making the system more lightweight and economical.
Shade for Every Boat Design and Every Budget
The development of the manual shade system was a direct result of requests from marine trade professionals and boaters looking for a more lightweight and less expensive option. This lower cost alternative to the automated sunshade system makes the benefits of SureShade retractable shade tops accessible to boaters on any budget. In fact, the cost is very comparable to stationary canvas offered by traditional canvas installers.

For boaters that want the ultimate in convenience, the automated sunshade system is a ground-breaking high tech option for shade. Depending on the boat brand, the automated is typically installed at the boat manufacturer or through the boat dealer to ensure optimal placement and operation of the shade on boats.

Our ability to offer versatile mounting options – fully integrated or surface mounted – ensures either system is the perfect shade design for any boat style.

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