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The tedious handling of boat canvas sucks and today’s boaters want a hassle-free alternative for shade they need on board

Rolling up a canvas bimini and trying to make it fit into a boot sleeve is not a boater’s idea of fun on the water. Wasting time struggling with canvas bimini tops under the hot sun takes a lot of the pleasure out of pleasure boating.

Canvas – for lack of a better word – sucks.

Even though boaters need and want shade on a boat, canvas has been a design afterthought for many boats. The necessary option of shade is usually added on later with inhibitive poles and restrictive canvas framework. In many cases, there is inadequate shade coverage or no canvas structure for boat decks at all.

Boat builders have responded to customers’ request for less canvas, but that either results in no shade, or an extended figberglass hardtop which completely eliminate choice when the boater wants to bask in the sun.

As one of the most low-tech components of most boats, canvas tops require tedious handling to extend or retract. We simply thought… with all the high tech gadgets available on today’s boats, why shouldn’t there be a high tech way to handle canvas?

Making Boat Canvas a More Enjoyable Experience

Boaters want to reap the benefits of canvas – like sun protection and comfort – without the hassle of tedious handling.

We have to agree that traditional canvas sucks. That’s why our business is built around providing choice for shade on a boat… when boaters want it, and when they don’t. Traditional biminis may offer that choice – but choosing to open & close a bimini canvas top is a pain. We make that choice easy. In fact, our entire focus is on improving the boating experience by providing hassle-free shade on demand (catchy, isn’t it?).

An automated tele-frame boat top from SureShade eliminates tedious
handling of canvas.

Building on years of boating experience, canvas craftsmanship and mechanical engineering expertise, SureShade designed a shade system that automates the canvas handling process while adding to the aesthetics of boat designs.

With the invention of the patented tele-frame technology, canvas boat tops no longer need to be a struggle for boaters. The retractable shade top opens with telescoping poles and rolls out canvas for full shade coverage. The tele-frame technology comprises a unique mid crossbar component that eliminates canvas sag –  even with a 7 foot extension.

The automated tele-frame boat top is one of the most high-tech shade options available in the marine industry. At the touch of a button the canvas extends from a retracted position, providing full shade coverage to a boat deck. SureShade is enhancing the boating experience, while providing shade where once not possible.

So how do we know that SureShade helps canvas suck a little less?

With new boat builders and dealers coming on board everyday, our portfolio of boat brands continues to increase along with our list of happy customers. SureShade is revolutionizing the boating industry with a better canvas solution for a better canvas experience.