boating magazine sureshade

Cruisers Yachts 45 Cantius and Boston Whaler 285 Conquest with SureShade sunshades are obvious standouts in April 2013 issue of Boating Magazine


As we flipped through the April 2013 issue of Boating Magazine it was hard not to notice that featuring boats with SureShade sunshade systems is becoming the new standard… for boat models and boating publications!

Boat manufacturers are clearly recognizing that our shade is an obvious innovation in boating that gets boats more attention on the show floor… and in publications!

Cruisers Yachts 45 Cantius with Automated Shade


Cruisers Yachts was featured in a multi-page review of their new 45 Cantius, with great photos of our automated shade option extended and retracted. As beautiful as it is extended, its just as stunning to see how seamlessly integrated it is when retracted. You can see the shade retracted on the cover photo of the magazine and inside spread… and then there is a nice picture of the shade extended alongside the full review of the 45 Cantius. Cruisers Yachts offers our automated shade as a fully-integrated option on the 45 Cantius.

Boston Whaler 285 Conquest with Manual Shade


Boston Whaler features a full page ad in the April issue showing a family enjoying an afternoon on the water on board their 285 Conquest under the protection of shade (with a SureShade manual system option!). This boat is one of four Boston Whaler models now offering SureShade as a factory-install option. Boston Whaler also offers our automated shade on the 370 Outrage and 350 Outrage, and our manual shade on the 315 Conquest and 285 Conquest.

With over a dozen boat models now offering SureShade as a factory-install feature or option, we are SURE we’ll be seeing more SHADES in many more publications in the near future!