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Turn your boat into a show-stopper at your next boat show by showcasing the innovative SureShade retractable sunshade


There was a time when canvas was a feature missing on display boats at boat shows. Typical canvas systems made customer boarding difficult and did not add much aesthetic value to the shiny new boats in manufacturer lineups at boat shows.

But now, with SureShade, more and more boat builders and dealers are getting on-board with the idea of featuring retractable sunshade tops at major boat show events. The head-turning option is built to compliment boat designs, differentiate boat brands and offer boat clients a convenient comfort option

Advantages of Exhibiting SureShade Tops at Boat Shows

Boat shows featuring SureShade offer boat builders and dealers a great opportunity to differentiate their boat exhibits.

Showcasing boat lines with SureShade retractable shade tops at boat show events has many advantages:

  • Differentiates boat brands. A retractable sunshade system makes a boat stand out from the competition at shows. Customers are looking for new innovative features at boat shows, and a retractable sunshade (patented by SureShade) is like no other canvas system on the market.
  • Showcases valuable options. SureShade tops are quickly becoming a must-have option. As more boat brands are getting on-board with building SureShade retractable sunshades into their boat lines, customers will expect to see top brands offering the option. This factory-installed or aftermarket option delivers real value to the client… as well as the dealer’s bottom line.
  • Adds to boat design. SureShade works with each boat manufacturer for optimal placement of sunshade systems for each boat brand and model. The retractable sunshades not only complement the overall aesthetics of the boat, but they act as a natural extension of a hardtop, bridge or radar arch.
  • Turns heads and stops traffic. Boat show attendees can get overwhelmed with hundreds of boat brands and models competing for their attention. An innovative sunshade system can be a real show-stopper… grabbing attention of potential buyers amidst boat show traffic.
  • Get more media attention. SureShade provides unprecedented support to boat builders and dealers that feature our retractable sunshades at boat shows. In addition to our Boat Shows website features, SureShade helps to promote boat brand clients directly to trade media, on our SureShade Blog, on our Facebook page and on Twitter.
  • Adds comfort for attendees and staff. Let’s face it – it gets hot working a boat show that is outside… especially in warm weather climates like Miami! Having a retractable sunshade will help keep boat show staff and potential buyers cool and comfortable while checking out your boats – without support poles to inhibit boarding.

Upcoming Boat Show Opportunities to Feature SureShade

SureShade can be seen at nearly every local, regional or international boat show event.

Boat builders and dealers can plan ahead and have a SureShade sunshade system installed on nearly any boat brand or model in time for their next boat show event.
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