spring upgrade

Start your boating season with a new retractable sunshade system for improved sun protection

Spring is here and hot summer days on the water are coming soon. If you don’t want to spend another summer baking in the sun with inadequate sun protection, adding more boat shade in your cockpit or forward bow is an upgrade you’ll want to do this spring. 
Spring is the perfect time to to get your boat ready for the season ahead with an aftermarket SureShade installation so you can look forward to a more comfortable (and shady) boating season!

Quality Shade Upgrade

With SureShade, adding shade is a permanent upgrade to your boat (not just a quick fix for a shade). Our patented telescoping sunshade systems are the only American-made retractable sunshades that top boat builders like Sea Ray, Boston Whaler, Grady-White, Cruisers (and many more boat brands…) are choosing to add to their new boat lines.

Our aftermarket install options provide you with the same quality shade systems offered by top selling builders as a factory-installed option.

Adding a SureShade sunshade system is a quality shade upgrade that truly adds value to your boat – becoming an extension of a hardtop or overhead structure. There’s no more tedious handling of canvas and you’ll have more choice when it comes to shade on your boat by simply extending or retracting canvas when needed.

With dealer or DIY install options, along with three types of shade systems, getting your shade upgrade this spring has never been easier.

Shade Options

Ready to get started?

Choose from three sunshade options (all with our patented telescoping design) depending on your boat size, style and budget.


RTX Pull-out shade patent

 SureShade RTX Pull-Out Shade – ideal for boats under 27 feet

Our newest shade product, the SureShade RTX pull-out shade can be mounted to a hardtop, tower or tubular structure (like a T-Top). The lightweight design makes it easy to use, operating with a simple push/pull mechanism to extend or retract the shade. RTX can be installed by a dealer/service department or installed as a DIY project.
MTF extended

SureShade MTF Manual Shade – ideal for boats under 35 feet

The SureShade MTF is mounted on a hardtop and operates with a simple hand lever to extend or retract shade. MTF can be installed by a dealer/service department or installed as a DIY project. 

Learn more about MTF 

SureShade ATF
SureShade ATF Automated Shade – ideal for boats over 30 feetSureShade

ATF, our flagship product, can be mounted on a hardtop and electrically extends or retracts canvas for shade. Integration options are also available with some models. SureShade ATF is dealer installed product due to the level of integration typically required.  

Learn more about ATF

Aftermarket Installation Options

SureShade MTF and SureShade RTX can be a do-it-yourself installation depending on your boat style.

– Learn more about DIY options

Of course, if you prefer more assistance with installing SureShade MTF or RTX, we are happy to coordinate installation with your local boat dealer’s service department.

Your local marina service department can work on your boat during the off-season months so that you have no downtime when boating season starts in the spring.

The SureShade ATF automated shade is a dealer or factory installed product due to the complexity of the shade installation.

Ready to Get Shady?

We’ll help you choose the best shade for your boat, recommend the best installation method and work directly with you or your dealer with your aftermarket shade.

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