DE 37 Lobsterpalooza

VIP customer event showcases the new Downeast 37 to Sabre and Back Cove owners, along with a few aftermarket installs by DiMillo’s Yacht Sales


The highly anticipated new Downeast 37 by Back Cove has officially launched… and she’s a beauty!

Equipped with a SureShade automated sunshade system as a factory-installed standard feature, the extra large 12 by 12 foot cockpit invited VIP event attendees to enjoy the debut under the shade.

The Downeast 37 made its initial debut on the evening of Thursday July 11 with a launch party hosted by Back Cove Yachts.


The unveiling was followed by a weekend celebration hosted by DiMillo’s Yachts Sales for Sabre and Back Cove Yacht customers called LobsterPalooza, where the Downeast 37 was showcased to 200 invited guests.

LobsterPalooza was a first class VIP customer event that drew 50 Sabre and Back Cove Yachts and 200 guests to Portland Maine for a weekend of mingling, cruising and eating lobster.


The SureShade team was excited to be in Portland, Maine at LobsterPalooza to join in the celebration.

One of the most memorable activities was taking a ride on the stunning new Downeast 37 for an amazing boat parade featuring 50 Sabre and Back Cove Yachts.

The Downeast 37 led the parade and the view from under the shade watching a sea of Sabre and Back Cove Yachts was just spectacular!


The Sabre and Back Cove owners who attended were truly impressed with the new addition to their family of Maine-built boats.

Customers were impressed with the layout and sleek design of the Downeast 37. And the retractable sunshade is sure to be a crowd-pleaser for the many guests the large 12×12 cockpit is capable of entertaining.

(We’re thinking the DiMillo’s team may be very busy transitioning some folks into this new model soon!)

We were also thrilled to see that several other boats with aftermarket installations of SureShade cruised to Portland to attend LobsterPalooza with their fellow Sabre and Back Cove boaters.


These aftermarket installations of our automated shade, previously completed for customers by DiMillo’s Yacht Sales, featured a Sabre 48 Salon Express and a Back Cove 34.


The LobsterPalooza customer event was a fantastic way to unite Sabre and Back Cove customers for a Portland Maine homecoming and celebration of the boats they love. And the event was the perfect way to welcome the new Back Cove Downeast 37 to the family!

To see more pictures of the Downeast 37 with automated shade and learn more about aftermarket installations, visit our Back Cove Yachts page and our Sabre Yachts page.

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