Grady White 330

Cannons Marina installs aftermarket shade upgrade to new Grady-White boat to meet customer request for shades similar to ones offered as factory-installs 

When Grady-White first debuted their Freedom 335 at the Miami Boat Show in 2012, their SureShade automated shade option for more shade in the cockpit caught everyone’s attention. And the demand was so great for the shade option that at the 2013 Miami show they decided to debut their all-new Freedom 375 with the automated shade as a standard feature.

It’s no surprise that many new and current Grady-White boat owners are now saying…

“Hey, I want that shade too!”

Boat dealers like Cannons Marina in Longboat Key, FL are making the request for more shade a reality by offering aftermarket installation services of SureShade sunshade systems that complement the factory installations done by Grady-White. As a Grady-White dealer they are able to coordinate directly with the factory to mimic the installation styling and quality found with factory installs of the shade.

Grady-White dealer Cannons Marina recently completed a beautiful aftermarket installation of our automated shade on a 2013 Grady-White 330 Express.

The customer wanted a shade similar to the ones offered as factory-installs on the Freedom 375 and Freedom 335. Cannons Marina was able to sell the customer an aftermarket installation of our automated shade to offers boat owners a quality shade for more comfort on deck. The flexibility to extend or retract, along with no support poles to obstruct your view, ensures that the shade will enhance your boating activities.


Cannons worked with Grady-White to use the same fiberglass enclosures Grady-White uses on their Freedom 335 and 375.

The fiberglass enclosures cover the actuators on the SureShade unit, creating an even more seamless look.


The automated shade functions electronically with a toggle switch at the helm – just like the factory installs. As the shade extends the canvas attaches to anti-sagging hooks on the framework so it remains supported even when underway. When retracted, canvas is neatly rolled up without any of the hassle that normally comes with handling canvas.

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